Dr. Philip Sobash

Scholarship for Future Medical Doctors

Future doctors of America can apply to the Dr. Philip Sobash Scholarship for $1,000 to a single university student that is en route to becoming a medical doctor.

Applications are now closed.  Congratulations to our winners.

Who Can Qualify?

The Dr. Philip Sobash Scholarship is available for any current high school or university student who is preparing to enter medical school with a desire to become a medical doctor. Please click the apply link if you would like to find out more information to apply.


Dr. Philip Sobash

Dr Philip Sobash

Philip Sobash, MD

Batesville, Arkansas Medical Doctor - Internal Medicine

Dr. Sobash currently practices internal medicine at White River Medical Center in Batesville, Arkansas.  He earned his M.D. from The Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine.  Dr. Sobash loves medicine and would like to give back to a future doctor in America with his scholarship fund to a student who shares the same passion and enthusiasm for medicine as him.


Learn About The Dr. Philip Sobash Scholarship

To all current students that are in pursuit of a medical degree in the United States, you could be eligible for the Dr. Philip Sobash Scholarship for Future Medical Doctors.  For more information, head over to the application page to check out the instructions for entry.  Good luck to all the applicants, and much success for all of your futures in medicine.


Win Money Towards Your Education

Dr. Sobash understands the financial pressure that can have an effect on students as they attain their dream to be a doctor.  Dr. Sobash is giving back to help a little with the rising cost of education.  The Dr. Philip Sobash Scholarship for Future Medical Doctors awards $1,000 to a student who applies and meets all the criteria.  Apply today!


Learn More About Medicine

The scholarship fund is currently closed for new applicants and completed.  We would like to thank all of the applicants and congratulate our 2 winners of the $1,000 scholarship award.


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