Frequently asked questions about medical school scholarships

Medical schools throughout the country remain dream institutions for almost all youngsters who are on the verge of selecting their career paths. However, getting into a med school will not be easy as they do in other types of schools. The fee structure of the med schools will not be affordable for most students. The majority of the applicants of med school would end up borrowing money from someone else for interest to pay the fee. They will repay the borrowed money either by going to a part-time job or after they start earning. In both ways, the process of repayment of such a huge amount with interest would be tedious. Hence, you should think of using an alternative way of studying without paying the fee. You can do this by getting a scholarship for your studies. Several institutions are coming forward to offer students of various categories to study for free. All you should do is find the right scholarship scheme and win it. Before doing so, it is better to know the answers to some commonly asked queries about med school scholarships. Let us discuss them in brief.

Frequently asked questions about medical school scholarships

What are the various types of scholarships offered for medical applicants?

You could find a range of scholarship offers depending on various factors. The following are the three most popular categories of med scholarships.

  • Academic scholarships – These scholarships are meant for students who have outstanding academic records throughout their pre-schooling. Your extracurricular achievements will also get considered in these categories.
  • Diversity scholarships – These are specially meant for underserved communities.
  • Service-based scholarships – People who are children of national service people could get these scholarships.

Why should one consider getting a medical scholarship?

You could find several benefits of studying through scholarship programs. Some of them are as follows,

  • You need not pay money or borrow money.
  • You need not miss your study hours as you need not go to jobs to pay the debts.
  • Your concentration on studies will improve a lot.
  • You can get recognition and respect among the members of the institution.
  • You will get to meet several people similar to you in talent.

Where could you find scholarship opportunities?

  • The primary way of finding med scholarships is to surf the web. You can find several resources on Google about scholarships in your region.
  • You can contact your local NGOs and med-related businesses to see whether there is any local scholarship opportunity.
  • The medical schools themselves will offer school-specific scholarships. You can reach specific schools to know about this.
  • You will automatically get to know if there is a national-level scholarship program.

What is a renewable and non-renewable scholarship in medicine?

If you win a renewable scholarship of $1000 per year, you will get $1000 for each year of your academics provided that you meet the criteria every year. If the scholarship is non-renewable, you will not get it every year as it will be a one-time offer for your records.

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